Diocese of San Diego - Clergy and Priest Sexual Abuse

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Here is a list of names of priests accused of child sexual abuse within the Diocese of San Diego. If you were abused by a priest listed here, or any other priest or person of authority, we want to help you.  

Booth, James T. 

Bridgette, Sister 

Buchanan, Robert 

Chavarin, Jose 

D’Amora, Edito 

Daly, John Joseph 

Damasco, Nelson 

De Francisco, Luis Eugene 

Doxie, Donald F. 

Eagen, I. Brent 

Flynn, Herman Francis 

Galindo, Rudolph 

Ganahl, James A. 

Gill, Paul 

Higgins, Michael 

Holtey, Gary Michael 

Hughes, Patrick J. 

Keith, John Charles 

Koerner, Robert S. 

Kowalczyk, Adalbert (Albert) J. 

Kraft, William Armstrong 

Kurlandski, Lawrence 

Lally, George 

Marron, Michael Victor 

Marron, Peter Joseph 

McGinn, Malachy M. 

McNamara, Patrick Carl 

Mejia, Ricardo 

Moloney, Thomas 

Nikliborc, Robert Daniel 

O’Keeffe, Patrick J. 

Omemaga, Emmanuel O. 

Polizzi, Daniel 

Reveles, Nicholas 

Robier, Franz 

Rodrigue, Edward Anthony 

Roll, David 

Rossell, Joseph (Jose) 

Savord, William R. 

Sheridan, Gregory Sierra 

Spain, William D. 

Thompson, Matthew J. 

Uboldi, Victor 

Valverde, William 

Vinyard, Barry 

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