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Qui Tam litigation gives a private citizen who has first-hand knowledge of fraud committed against the government the right to retain a lawyer and sue and potentially recover losses caused by fraud on almost any government entity. Specifically, the False Claims Act provides financial incentives for those who have the courage to come forward publicly to prosecute and fight fraud committed against our government.

Provisions of the False Claims Act require the party that engages in fraudulent acts against the government to pay substantial penalties, which can be assessed to up to 3 times the amount that the wrongdoer fraudulently stole from the government and, in reality, from the taxpayers. Additionally, a mandatory civil penalty of between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 per false claim can be imposed. From those damages (money) imposed, the private citizen who came forward and agreed to file suit (also called a “Relator”) can receive a percentage of the lawsuit recovery.

Fraudulent acts against the government that may be prosecuted include creating false statements, records, bills in order to receive payment from the government. Fraudulent acts also include causing some else to create or submit such fraudulent items that result in payment from the government, or avoidance of a debt owed to government.

The False Claims Act was created by the government to fight fraud against the government, and ultimately the taxpayers of the United States. If you possess real, truthful and original information related to any such fraudulent practices or acts that resulted in money paid by the government, please contact us immediately for a consultation and evaluation of your potential role and the legal process for privately pursuing a Qui Tam claim under the False Claims Act.

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