How can I afford the time and money to pursue my case?

In a contingency fee arrangement, we are paid a percentage of the total financial amount decided in a settlement or court judgment. Heaviside Reed Zaic is only compensated if and when your legal action is successful. If successful, we would also be reimbursed the expenses of the litigation that we paid on behalf of the work we did for you. 

If not successful, we absorb the debt, and you have nothing to pay. We (not you) bear the risk that we might work and pay expenses for which we may never be compensated.

The type of law we practice, called plaintiffs’ work, is a way of leveling the playing field between ordinary citizens and mega corporations.

Some people wonder why “leveling the playing field” is necessary today. But, while there is a movement towards greater corporate social responsibility, most corporations still make decisions based on one thing – increased profits – and profits alone do not always align (at least in the short term) with responsible safety, environmental and financial practices. Corporations also have an advantage that ordinary Americans do not have: powerful lobbyists whose job is to block or weaken government efforts to protect workers, consumers and the environment from the negative effects of corporate decisions.

Our work, and the contingency fee system, is critical to shine a light on both negligence and fraud and to keep families safer in the future.  For those of you who have already been injured, we are ready and able to fight for justice and compensation on your behalf.

There is zero obligation in talking to us and everything is confidential; the power is in your hands.