Diocese of Orange - Clergy and Priest Sexual Abuse

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Here is a list of priests that have been accused of sexual abuse within the Diocese of Orange  If you were abused by a priest listed here, or any other priest or person of authority, we can help you.

Andersen, Andrew Christian

Aranda, Sofronio A.

Atherton, Gregory

Baird, Lawrence J.

Buckman, Franklin

Casimano, Santino

Coffield, John V.

Coughlin, Richard

Delahunty, Richard

Falvey, Sinon F.

Foley, Robert

Harris, Michael A.

Henson, Jerome M.

Horvath, Bertrand

Jimenez, Edgardo Arrunataegui

Knoernschild, John

Lenihan, John Peter

Lord, John W.

Lyons, Denis

Manville, Alexander

Mohan, Thomas Joseph

Murray, Daniel J.

Nguyen, Dominic

Pecharich, Michael

Perez, Henry

Pillon, Gordon John

Ramaekers, Timothy

Ramirez, Luis Eduardo

Ruhl, John E.

Salazar, Cesar

Sheahan, John A.

Tanilong, Gerardo Jarencio

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